Lizzie Allison is 15 years old and this summer she started a non-profit organization called Team Celebrate to make special birthday boxes for foster children.

She works with Sacramento Children's Home and other groups to get names of children and their interests to make unique birthday boxes of gifts and party supplies to celebrate their big day.

"I was always interested in foster care but I was always too young to help and I've been trying to volunteer with different organizations, but it seemed like everything you had to be 18, a background check, fingerprinted, so I wanted to come up with a way to help and other kids could my age," Allison said.

Allison's sister, Lexie also helps out by making cards for the kids.

Since Allison is 15 years old, she gets some help from her parents to drive her to meetings and drop off boxes but other than that she handles everything pretty much on her own from her website, social media, fundraising, and arranging meetings.

"When we first met Lizzie we were so impressed," said Todd Koolakian, director of philanthropy Sacramento Children's Home. "She's such a driven young lady and had a great idea and wanted to make it possible."

This summer, Allison has made 50 boxes.