The Elk Grove Police Department and groups have started a fitness program for people with developmental disabilities.

One of the people participating is Christopher Ayala and his mother, Benita Ayala.

"I think fitness is great because it's something we do when he's frustrated and when I'm having challenges understanding when he's trying to get his point across, we would go for a nice walk," Ayala said.

Fly Fit is a collaborative effort by several groups including Fly Brave Foundation, AMPT Fitness, Freedom Tribe Fitness, and Sactown Running who are working with Elk Grove Police Department.

"A lot of people with autism have obesity, heart disease, and diabetes at higher rates than the typical population and tend to not be involved with exercise and have social anxiety and motor problems," said Lauren Libero with UC Davis.

"This gives us the interaction on a weekly basis so we start to learn some of the behaviors that allow us to recognize it a little bit sooner," said Jason Jimenez with the Elk Grove Police Department.

Another officer, Albert Franco explained some of the volunteers are part of the Elk Grove Police Explorers program who may one day be police officers.

"We're gonna have our Elk Grove police explorers also acting as mentors and coaches for this program so a lot of our explorers want to go on and be police officers. We thought this would be the perfect time to get this interaction with people on the spectrum and developmental disabilities," Franco said.

Parents are encouraged to stay through the fitness class just in case.

There are several groups paired with different ages including 5 to 10 years old, 11 to 16 years old, 17 years and over, and an all-ages track program.

Fly Fit is free and classes will be held on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings starting in March.