A few days after Christmas, a Snapchat video showing a young girl making racist comments, went viral.

The Elk Grove Unified School District confirmed the girl is one of their district's students, but wouldn't say what school. The district said it was launching an investigation.

Meanwhile, at Elk Grove High School, a social media campaign with the opposite message is spreading. It started with a simple assignment in Evan Santiago's AP English class.

"My teacher, Ms. Lee, challenged us to come up with creative ways to spread the Elk Grove love," said Evan.

Evan created a social video where he approaches his classmates and showers them with hugs and kind words. He said some of his classmates created a time lapse where they used sticky notes to cover up the word 'Hate' on a poster board. The students had written positive words of affirmation on the sticky notes.

"I really wanted to get the word out that Elk Grove isn't all about the negative stuff," said Santiago.

For Cathy Guy, the principal of EGHS for the past 14 years, the class project was a proud moment that she says all educators aim for.

"It's about students finding their voice and realizing that there's power within them for positive," said Guy.