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New beauty supply store in Elk Grove aims to be answer for African American hair care

Charlene's Beauty Supply specializes in African American hair, medical-grade wigs and other beauty supplies
Credit: Charlotte Haynes
Charlotte Haynes opened her first store in Elk Grove, providing specialty beauty products in Elk Grove.

ELK GROVE, Calif. — Charlotte Haynes is taking a "leap of faith" by opening her first store in Elk Grove. Crafting answers out her own experiences, Haynes is at the head of a specialty beauty supply store specializing in products for African American hair and more.

"There are a lot of Black people coming in and really excited about having something and someone that understands the struggle, the challenge of what you go through with your hair and having access," said Haynes, co-owner of Charlene's Beauty Supply.

The store has all the basics people would expect of a beauty supply store, but Haynes also hopes to host some community classes for people struggling with their own hair and to stock the shelves with medical-grade wigs.

"We wear things with edge control, there's bonnets, there's braiding hair. So there's a whole assortment that goes into caring for our natural hair," said Haynes.

Some chain store stores might not carry products such as braiding hair, pony tails or certain creams.

It's a reality Haynes faced traveling around the country before eventually making her home in Elk Grove. Some of the places she lived were "hair desert" communities. 

"That's one of the things that kind of started to make me imagine opening up the beauty supply store," said Haynes.

For her, it was a leap of faith opening a storefront, but she says it's also something very much in her nature as an entrepreneur.

"I would be one of those kids getting the basket, plugging it into the little thing and getting that quarter and making $2 a day by just turning it in eight baskets," she said.

But the added nerves are worth the leap. She says its something special to provide this type of service as she raises four children who are also learning the ins and outs of maintaining their hair.

"Having this for our daughters... especially for girls that will eventually have their own kids and allowing them to be able to try different products and just the different hairstyles you can do, I think it's going to be great for their self-esteem," said Haynes.

As for the store's namesake, it again comes back to family. The store was named after Hayne's grandmother, even the logo was designed with her in mind. It's small black cat with a tail that curls into a "C."

"Back in the day, black cats were important and special and considered really kind of magical in the 1800s. So I just figure create that black sassy cat with the little 'C' logo and bring in my grandma's personality into the logo," said Haynes.

Charlene's Beauty Supply is located at 8694 Elk Grove Blvd, Suite 5. They're in the same center as La Bou and Dollar Tree. For more information, you can visit the store's Instagram page HERE.

Credit: Charlotte Haynes
Charlotte Haynes opened her first store in Elk Grove, providing specialty beauty products in Elk Grove.



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