A soon to be 13-year-old boy from Elk Grove, California has received hundreds of birthday cards after a viral Facebook post.

Aiden Aguilar is one of 3.5 million Americans with an autism spectrum disorder. He had delayed speech and motor skills. Aiden didn’t walk until he was about 4 years old and didn’t start speaking until he was about 6 years old.

Since Aiden got older and into middle school, he has recently been picked on by peers at his middle school, his mother Megan said.

His mother made a Facebook post in a local autism support group asking for birthday cards to help support her son. She said she thought he would receive about 10 or 20.

Aiden has received about 200 cards over the last several days.

If you’re interested in sending a card for Aiden’s birthday on Feb. 1, you may send a card to 3009 Babson Drive, Elk Grove, California 95758.