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Elk Grove business provides safe place for customers to release stress and frustration

Release Room allows customers to take out aggression on objects

ELK GROVE, Calif. — The coronavirus pandemic has caused all kinds of stress and frustration for lots of people. And sometimes, it can be difficult trying to find ways to release some of that tension and/or anguish.

That’s exactly why the Release Room in Elk Grove was launched. First opened in July, the Release Room was founded by two mental health counselors. The main purpose is to provide a safe place where people can come and physically release their frustration out on other objects.

“A lot of times we walk around telling people that we’re OK, but on the inside we’re not," said Release Room co-owner Devyn McDonald. "We wanted to create a place that people can come and smash some things to take their anger out on something that doesn’t hurt anyone or harm anyone.” 

Devyn and his wife Raynisha McDonald are not only co-owners of the business, but they're also mental health advocates as well. They are committed to helping people who may suffer from mental health issues. 

“I turned to my husband one day and said it would be awesome if there was a safe place for people to be able to go and expel rage and any negative emotion, with rage and anger being at the top of the list," explained Raynisha.

If you’re wondering what kinds of objects are smashed, there's everything from cars to tables and other wood and glass objects. And everything in the business is thoroughly sanitized between each session.

After each smash session, counselors are made available to have a debriefing session with the guest. Guests are encouraged to take advantage of the counselors to help them get through whatever issues they’re facing.

The Release Room is open to anyone. In fact, they're currently having an ABC10 special, which includes $25 for 15 minutes.

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