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2 homes damaged in overnight Elk Grove fire, no injuries reported

Firefighters with the Cosumnes Fire Department responded to the fire on Seasons Drive and quickly got it under control.

ELK GROVE, Calif. — A fire broke out early Thursday morning between two homes in Elk Grove.

Firefighters with the Cosumnes Fire Department responded to reports of a fire around 2:30 a.m. on Seasons Drive. Deputy Fire Chief Dan Quiggle said a gas meter on the side of the house was impacting the size of the fire. 

"Some of the gas coming from that gas meter was making the fire larger and causing greater risk so they called for a second alarm," Quiggle said.

Additional units responded to the fire to help put it out. Seven people in total have been impacted by the fire, but no one was injured.

"The residents of both homes did exactly what we want them to do. They quickly got out of the home, they called 911, they made sure that all their family members were safe and they told us when we got to the scene that they were safe and all out of the house. That allows us to quickly go to work to put out the fire knowing that the occupants are safe," Quiggle said.

Credit: ABC10

Yolanda Henderson has lived in her home in Elk Grove for almost 30 years.

"Well, my first instinct was just to get out and get to our neighbors as soon as possible because it started at my neighbor's home. And so my husband began to run down the stairs to just go and wake up the neighbors. I called 911 and then I immediately reached our neighbors on the other side because they're deaf and I wanted to make sure if the fire kept going that they would at least have time to get out," Henderson said.

Henderson said she's grateful everyone got out safe and will now start dealing with the aftermath of the fire.

"I think most people, at some point, you rehearse it in your mind — what you will do and who you'll call and what things you want to grab, but honestly when it happened I just went into auto mode and my whole idea was just to get out of the house as quickly as possible," Henderson said.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

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