Elk Grove police officers are learning more about autism by working with autistic people in a new fitness program.

Fly Fit is a collaborative effort by several groups including Fly Brave Foundation, AMPT Fitness, Freedom Tribe Fitness, and Sactown Running who are working with Elk Grove Police Department.

"We go through training in the academy and during some of our continued professional training we go through some of it, but we touch through little of it," said Al Franco, Elk Grove Police Department. "We're starting to learn more and more about it. Mental disabilities and persons with disabilities."

Out on the field, the athletes have autism and the coaches are Elk Grove police officers.

The program has been going on for about a month. On average about a dozen officers are there including the police chief and 15 athletes.

"We get to learn the different personalities that are out here," Franco said. "We've experienced some of the meltdowns here at Fly Fit. We've experienced some of the sensory overloads."

For some parents it's beneficial for officers to see the children's behaviors. They've also looked forward to seeing their children having fun and getting excited over exercise.

"I'm always excited," said Christina Perez, a parent. "When I find any activity to put him in. we try it to see if he likes it or not, because it's really up to him."

The next class is on Saturday, April 14.

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