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Nonprofits hope fire concerns, new rules don't hurt fundraising as legal fireworks go on sale

Non-profits that benefit from the sales hope fire concerns and new rules don't dampen fundraising efforts

ELK GROVE, Calif. — Starting at noon Monday, June 28, firework stands in participating cities and counties, like Sacramento, will begin selling legal fireworks.

Non-profits that benefit from the sales hope fire concerns and new rules don't dampen fundraising efforts

Unlike illegal fireworks that explode and fly into the sky, so-called "safe and sane fireworks” will be sold from June 28 through the Fourth of July in state-approved cities and counties across California. 

In Elk Grove, a Phantom Fireworks at Sheldon Road and Elk Grove Florin will benefit the Vu Nguyen Memorial Foundation. It awards scholarships to students interested in pursuing a life of public service to honor the Sacramento sheriff deputy who died in the line of duty in 2007. 

“We just want to keep the memory of him alive," said Lawrence Hemsley, a  Vu Nguyen Memorial Foundation Board Member who went to Modesto High School with Vu. 

It's the first year the group is selling fireworks. Hemsley hopes interest from other cities where fireworks aren’t sold, such as El Dorado Hills or even Los Angeles, will help keep sales steady. 

“I don’t necessarily think it’s going to slow down," he said. 

This comes amid heightened fire concern.

New this year, all fireworks, including the legal ones are banned between 11 p.m. and 9 a.m. within Sacramento.

“I’m going to celebrate, but I won’t be popping fireworks at all," Elk Grove resident Shanetria Frazier said.

She said she’s avoiding fireworks, legal or not. It's a way to play it safe as the fire department begins cracking down on illegal fireworks.

Also new this year, authorities can fine property owners with fines going up to $5,000 for multiple violations of illegal fireworks.

"We can issue these violations just by a visual verification that a fire has left the ground and has exploded," Jason Lee, Sacramento Fire Department Fire Marshal, said. 

Previously, officers had to witness a firework going off and make a physical arrest. 

Many neighbors said they are already frustrated by the booms heard at night leading up to Independence Day. Fire officials say the best way to report illegal fireworks in California is through the NAIL 'EM app, which allows people to send exact locations and even take a picture or record audio of the violation.

The rules will vary depending where you live.

Calaveras County, for instance, has banned all fireworks including the safe and sane ones through November.

This is the latest list of approved cities and counties that allow the sale of legal fireworks as of 2020, please note it may contain discrepancies.

You can find fireworks locations for Phantom Fireworks HERE and for TNT Fireworks HERE.


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