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'Rent is still due on the 1st' | Out-of-work Elk Grove residents worry after city council failed to pass eviction protections

Going home for them means no way to make money. If they can't make money - the next question is - how can they pay their rent, other bills or even feed their family?

ELK GROVE, Calif — Will Elk Grove residents get any eviction relief as they deal with the coronavirus outbreak? That's what is on the minds of a lot of renters in the city.

Residents may get that question answered during the March 25 city council meeting.

Steave Jordan, a barbershop owner and father of four, says he and others like him need help.

"My income went from comfortable to zero,” Steave told ABC10.

His normally busy barbershop had to shut down because of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order, same as most other businesses all across California.

"It's been a total momentum kill. We've been impacted drastically. It puts my barbers and my apprentices in tough situations. I have to send them home" Jordan said.

Going home for them means no way to make money. If they can't make money - the next question is - how can they pay their rent, other bills or even feed their family?

And Jordan says he must do what's right when it comes to accepting payments from barbers' for renting space in the shop.

"If they can't work and make money, I can't charge them. And with that being said, I have no income" said Jordan.

That's why he's looking to the city of Elk Grove for a solution. On March 18, the city council had a special meeting to tackle a package that aimed to help folks living in the city. A temporary moratorium on evictions, as well as late fees and disconnections on utilities appeared on the agenda. But the measure didn’t pass.

Every council member - except Mayor Steve Ly - voted against the measure because they wanted to see what other options were on the table and consider what options might come from the private sector. Jordan says the city should reach a deal soon because the clock is ticking.

"We know that this is all going on, but just so you know, rent is still due on the first. I think they need to cease all of that because that's causing more of a panic,” Jordan said.

ABC10 reached out to the City of Elk Grove to see what relief, if any, was on the way. Vice Mayor Steve Detrick responded in an email, saying in part, “The assistance programs are being updated daily.... I look forward to seeing everything that is available to all the Elk Grove Residents, Businesses, Tenants and Property Owners... to act upon at our Wednesday night's 03/25/2020 City Council meeting."

The city council will take up the issue again on March 25 at 5 p.m. in a special meeting.

Both Sacramento and Stockton have passed eviction bans for renters to help those financially impacted by the coronavirus fallout.

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