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Sacramento Zoo reveals new renderings of proposed zoo in Elk Grove

"I think that you know growth is good for the city and anything that children and families can come and enjoy is a good thing," said Fatima Masood.

ELK GROVE, Calif. — The Sacramento Zoological Society and the City of Elk Grove revealed new renderings of the proposed zoo Thursday morning.

The plan is for a one-of-a-kind type of attraction with an opening in about five to six years.

"I'm tickled to death they're putting that zoo over here," said John Moules, a father who lives in Elk Grove. 

The new renderings show some of the many concepts behind the idea.

"I think that growth is good for the city, and anything that children and families can come and enjoy is a good thing," said Fatima Masood, an Elk Grove mother who enjoys taking her daughter to the Sacramento Zoo. 

Technically, the Sacramento Zoo would close its doors once the new location is built off Highway 99 near Kammerer Road. However, Jason Jacobs, executive director for the zoo, says it benefits the entire region.

"The current zoo in Land Park sees half a million visitors a year. We're designing this new zoo in Elk Grove to receive over a million visitors a year but, more importantly, do so much vital work for animals, for conservation, for education. The animals would have larger spaces," said Jacobs. 

The current Sacramento Zoo would go from about 15 acres to 60-plus acres when it's fully built, along with 10 acres of parking which the zoo doesn't have right now.

"We're really focused on the immersive experience design of that... like figuring out how to engage people in new and interesting ways to get them very excited about the wildlife that they're experiencing there," said Morgan Lee Richardson, co-founder of Mangolin Creative, which prepared the drawings.

A schematic design is just getting started. It'll be followed by an extensive environmental impact review, and if all goes well, it'll go to Elk Grove City Council for a vote.

For Masood, it means creating more memories with her daughter who she takes to the zoo every year for her birthday.

"It's just such a fond memory for me and for her and I just love it. I think that every child should have that experience, and to have something like a really grand experience at the zoo, that's not a negative. It's a positive," said Masood. 

There isn't an exact price tag on the new zoo, but they plan to have a better idea around this time next year. 


Zoo Renderings Revealed

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