A Snapchat video surfaced of a girl making disturbing and racist remarks Wednesday.

The girl, who is a Elk Grove Unified School District student, makes several racist comments against black people. Statements we have decided not to repeat.

The school district became aware of the Snapchats, which have gone viral online, when it was reported to school officials by a concerned member of the community.

Since then, a spokesperson for the school district says they've been inundated with comments and phone calls from people all around the world.

Out of privacy for the juvenile, the school district will not say which school the girl attends.

The school district did provide the following statement:

"Please know that the discriminatory, intolerant, and hurtful comments made in the video are not supported by the District in any fashion. School and district officials take all discriminatory or intolerant expression very seriously, and especially when potentially constituting hate speech, and we are working to help the students who posted the video and their parents understand the gravity of the situation."

You can read the school district's full statement here.

The incident comes just two months after Elk Grove held a series of forums to address race relations in the community.

Sharie Wilson -- the owner of Dream Girls salon in Old Elk Grove, which was the target of a hate crime in September – helped organized the forums.

She told ABC10 she's disappointed but not surprised by the comments made in the Snapchats.

“How do you think our kids felt when they heard that?” Wilson, a mother of five, said. “I'm sure they're saying , 'Oh, Mom, I always hear this it's normal.' But deep inside it's doing something to them.”

“We need to start having a real conversation within schools to talk about racism and let others see African-Americans in a different light,” she added.

School officials are working with the families of the girls in the video to help them understand the gravity of the situation and the consequences they now face.

They are planning to address the issue with all students when they return to school next week.

Officials will continue to investigate.