An employee at the Safeway in Fair Oaks is being recognized by more than just his co-workers and customers.

Rashae Williams has had a couple dozen of jobs in the Sacramento area, including Walmart and Goodwill.

Despite some physical hardships, he's known to his co-workers as an inspiration and known to customers as someone who is always smiling.

Rashae works four hours a day, four days a week at Safeway, where he says he's happily been an employee for more than seven years. His co-workers say not only has he never been late, he's almost always early. He starts his day by sweeping the store and returning stray shopping carts in the parking lot to their rightful place.

Even outside of the Safeway, many recognize Rashae from seeing him walking around the neighborhood.

"I see that guy running down Sunrise, Madison, every other day," said Anthony Taylor, one of Rashae's coworkers.

Everyone knows him, some calling him the "Legend of Orangevale."

"He's incredibly nice," said Ian Harden, a customer. "He's a really hard worker"

But few people know his full story.

"Everyone's gotten bits and pieces," Taylor said.

Rashae's life changed back in January 1983. When he was just 7 years old, he and his older sister were on their way to school when they were chased by a loose dog. While trying to run away, he was hit by a drunk driver. He went into a coma for nearly a year, but his mother refused to let doctors pull a plug. It's a memory Rashae barely has.

"I flew way up in the air and down. That's all I remember," said Rashae.

But he does have a scar that is a reminder to him to never take life for granted. Rashae said "just waking up" is what brings him the most joy in life. And it's that positive outlook on life that makes him such an inspiration to be around.

His co-workers say his willingness to always work with a smile motivates them to remind how good they have it, describing him as "always positive and friendly."

"[Rashae] takes pride in working and making his own money...he doesn't want to be treated any different," said Heather Hyatt, a family friend. "He won't stop until it's done. He's very determined."