FAIRFIELD, Calif. — Update: 9:12 p.m.

Fairfield Police reopened Beck Avenue after a near 7-hour clean-up effort.

The roadway had been closed after a crash around 1:22 p.m. resulted in a 200 gallon diesel fuel leak on the roadway.

Original Story: 

A crash in Fairfield left a road closed after it was covered in about 200 gallons of Diesel fuel.

The crash took place near Beck Avenue and West Texas Street. According to Fairfield Fire Department, a car crashed into a semi-truck and caused its fuel cell to rupture.

It ended up leaking around 200 gallons of diesel fuel down the street, but crews were able to stop the leak from going into the storm drains.

071219 diesel fuel
A diesel fuel leak in Fairfield closed a portion of Beck Road.
Fairfield Fire Department

Due the traffic collision in the area of Beck Avenue and Cadenasso Drive, police sent notice that Beck Avenue between West Texas Street and Woolner Avenue would be closed for several hours. 

Traffic impacts on Cadenasso Drive, West Texas Street and for motorists coming off Highway 12 are also expected.

Police advise people to avoid the area.

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