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Saturday 9:55 a.m. update:

The Vacaville Fire Department reports on its Facebook page that a firefighter suffered a minor injury. The fire burned about 1,700 acres damaging a home. They say the fire is about 70% contained.

Saturday 6:38 a.m. update:

Fairfield police say the residential evacuations have been lifted.

Friday night story:

Mandatory evacuations were ordered after a new wildfire flared up in the area of Fairfield and Vacaville, Friday afternoon.

The reaction from residents in the area differed from house to house. Seeing one man mow his lawn, you would assume it was a normal day, but it was far from normal in this neighborhood.

Homeowners like John Argarin was taking care of his property, but to protect it from the Nelson Fire.

“Just in case you know the fire comes in here, at least it’s wet. I don’t know if this will help but at least I tried,” John told ABC10.

John and his daughter, Jamie, decided to stay behind as his neighbors evacuated.

“There’s nothing you can do about it. Temperature, weather. I don’t know what to say just be prepared. I don’t know. Do you feel prepared? I got all my stuff. We are ready to go just in case,” Argarin said.

Some people didn’t want to take the chance. Others watched the firefight unfold from the roof and from the comfort of their front yard.

“It’s actually pretty nice. Doesn’t have the bubbles,” Jack Piper said. “Life is too short to be stressed out. I’m 70 years old”

Piper said he has lived in this home for nearly 30 years.

“When it hits close to home, you worry about it, but you have to show some sense of calm,” said Piper.

A former combat weapons instructor, Piper has a lot of experience in tense situations.

“Yeah, I’m prepared right now. I’ve got all these stuff inside ready. I’ve always been ready. Two cats and a cat carrier. I don’t need any clothes.”

And if the fire did come close to his house…

“I’ve got the adapters if I need to. The fire hydrant is right there. It’s illegal to do it, but I don’t care. I’ll break the law,” Piper said.

Piper told ABC10 he’d do what he had to do to save his home and his neighbors.

“You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your neighbors and I’m friends with my neighbors.”

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Firefighters are working to get a handle on the so-called "Nelson Fire" burning near Lagoon Valley Road and Cherry Glen Road, along Interstate 80. Approximately 1,000 acres of land has burned so far with 10 percent containment, according to CAL FIRE.

Authorities issued evacuation orders for residents on Constitution Avenue, Estates Drive, and Couples Circle near the Paradise Valley Golf Course. Fairfield police officers worked diligently with staff at senior living facilities to get residents evacuated from the area. Just after 10 p.m., officials told ABC10 the evacuation had been lifted for Paradise Valley.

Crews with Vacaville Fire also evacuated residences in the area of Youngsdale Drive south of Foxboro; Melissa Court; Kirby Court; and Laurelwood Way.

Around 7:30 p.m., Fairfield Police said the fire jumped the ridge to the Gold Ridge Development, forcing evacuations for residents on Hancock Drive and Hom Lane. At 10:30, police officials announced that the Gold Ridge evacuation order had been lifted.

Cement Hill Road is closed between Peabody and Manuel Campos Drive, according to police.

An evacuation center is being set up at Fairfield High School.

The installation commander at Travis Air Force base has “ordered evacuations in accordance with the Solano County Fire Department’s mandatory evacuations.” Travis AFB issued the press release around 9:30 p.m. Despite the evacuation, the base is not under immediate threat at this time.

The California State Prison and the Correctional Medical Facility have been told to shelter in place, according to Vacaville Police. Preparations are in place, however, if an evacuation order is given.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined. So far there have not been any reports of injuries or damage to property.

Here is a live look at traffic in the area from Waze.

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