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Travis Air Force Base celebrates 80th anniversary of its installation

"It's a significant celebration just when you think about 8 decades of being here in the community," said Derek Salmi.

FAIRFIELD, Calif. — Thursday marked a big milestone for Travis Air Force Base as it celebrated the 80th anniversary of its installation.

With Memorial Day weekend around the corner, this means going into another weekend of reflection, looking back on the legacy that came before them.

For eight decades, Travis Air Force Base has made its home in the city of Fairfield.

"It's a significant celebration just when you think about eight decades of being here in the community. Travis Air Force Base started off as Fairfield Suisun Airfield, and so this is a great way to recognize where we have been and where we are," said Derek Salmi, commander of the 60th Air Mobility Wing.

The base credits the community's support for how far they've come in being an incredible resource for our nation.

"The partnerships that a military installation has to have with the local community is so important. So being able to have our civic leaders here today, the mayors from several towns around the area, it was just so important because without their support, we can not do what we do here," said Sarah Galati, the project officer for the 80th Anniversary. 

Representatives participated in several sports tournaments. It signified the physical pillar of their comprehensive airmen's fitness.

"This was a huge thing for me... I love the Air Force. I love being a part of everything that it means, and being able to put on something that is so important for this installation, it meant so much to me," said Galati. 

The day serves as a time for deep remembrance and reflection as they look toward the future -- ready to answer any call from the nation.  

"I'd like our community leaders to know, just thank you. Thank you for an incredible 80 years. We stand on the shoulders of those who come before us, whether those wearing the uniform or those who are out in the community, and we're looking forward to another 80 years and beyond, "said Salmi. 

Travis Air Force Base is also applauding its community leaders who were here before for seeing it as a great place to train and to do its operations from. 


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