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Family seeks justice for unarmed Stephon Clark who was fatally shot by Sacramento police

"He was shot so many times, so many times," said Clark's grandma, Sequita Thompson.

Stephon Clark’s family is seeking justice for the 22-year-old who was shot and killed by Sacramento Police Sunday.

"He was shot so many times, so many times," said Clark’s grandma, Sequita Thompson.

Thompson told ABC10 she was inside her home Sunday when she heard gunshots coming from her backyard.

“It went 'pow, pow, pow.' They just kept on shooting," Thompson said.

However, she never thought those bullets were going toward her grandson. It wasn't until several hours later that Thompson says a detective came to her door and asked to see photos of her grandkids.

“He was real quiet, and said, ma’am you can't go back there, you can't go back there,” Thompson explains. “I said 'ok.' I waited till he walked out that door, I opened up that curtain, and (saw) my grandson on the ground dead.”

According to Sacramento police, they got a call about a suspect described as 6-foot-1 who had broken into several car windows in the Meadowview area and was hiding in a backyard.

“My grandson is short," said Thompson.

Clark’s family claims police killed the wrong guy.

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Investigators say before the two officers fired 10 shots each at the scene, they thought Clark was pointing a gun at them, but later discovered he was only carrying a cellphone.

"I want justice for my grandson. That's all I want is justice – and for all the black kids. As a matter of fact, everybody's kid that got gunned down by policemen," she added.

If you’d like to help Clark’s family pay for his funeral, click here.

This is the raw video. The Sacramento Police Department released the body cameras from the incident. WARNING: The video contains graphic content and may disturb some viewers.

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