A workout program at UC Davis is giving fitness buffs a look at what firefighters go through while also helping burn major calories.

Fit for Fire is not your ordinary workout. The program gives participants a taste of the rigorous workouts real firefighters undergo. The nine-week boot camp is taught by UC Davis firefighters and fitness trainers right on the grounds of the campus firehouse.

"We run an academy every summer and I try to mirror those workouts with what we do here,” Braden Burrhus, a UC Davis firefighter, said. “So all of the people incorporated in this program try to make it realistic so it gives the campus community a real insight into what we do."

UC Davis Fire has partnered with the Recreation Center to put on the class for the past four years. Things like pulling fire hoses, using sledgehammers and grueling ladder work are just some of the exercises. The class is open to all students — regardless of fitness level or desire to be a firefighter

"I haven't done any kind of workout where you use hoses or dummies," Ariel Ramirez, a three-year biology student currently in the program, said.

Even for those in tip-top shape, some of the exercises can be quite the challenge. The full-body drills offer a combination of cardio and strength-training; Some of the exercises even put you in life-saving situations a firefighter might encounter on a daily basis.

While the program encourages people to stay physically fit, it also has made people appreciate the obstacles fighter fighters go through, getting some to even sign up for the real thing.

"Definitely firefighting is something I see in my future,” student Jack Gordon, a past participant who is now part of the Resident Firefighter Program, said.

Once you're done with this course, you'll be putting out the flames with some muscle in no time.

At $60, Fit for Fire is open to all UC Davis students, faculty and staff, and Davis residents can get in on it too with a Recreation Center membership.