FOLSOM, Calif. — Folsom Police are crediting a woman’s “Find My iPhone” app for helping to solve a burglary.

The woman reported the crime on May 3. According to the report, the woman said her apartment, located in the 1700 block of Creekside Drive, was burglarized overnight, with the burglar taking credit cards, her car keys and her car along with the iPhone.

Investigators say as they were taking the report the woman learned her credit cards were being used at different stores in Sacramento and Elk Grove. Officers then turned to the Find My iPhone app, where they were able to track the phone to a home in Elk Grove.

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At the home, police made contact with the suspected burglar, 36-year-old Justin Cogbill. Inside the home police say they found the items the woman reported stolen from her apartment as well as the things Cogbill allegedly bought with the stolen credit cards.

Folsom Police said, in this case, they were able to go to search the Cogbill's house because they had other evidence for a right of entry. This includes evidence showing the phone was at the same location where the suspect used the credit cards.  They also used other investigative techniques.

In other cases, police aren't able to search a person's home solely on the location Find my iPhone shows. They say they need other evidence for a right of entry.

Cogbill was arrested and booked into the Sacramento County Jail on “various felony counts,” according to police.

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