A Folsom man is gaining attention after posting photos and videos of an adorable family of ducklings that recently made themselves right at home in his backyard.

The videos, posted on Facebook by Brian Wallace, show a mother duck and her twelve babies – which the Wallace family named “Daisy and the Dirty Dozen” – joyously playing in his pool and sliding down the water slide.

Wallace says “Daisy the Duck” gave birth two weeks ago in a nest she made in his backyard. She then began teaching the ducklings how to eat, dive in the pool and freeze for self-defense.

“It’s like having Nature TV 24/7 out your window,” Wallace told ABC10.

Wallace did his part, too—researching how to make sure he provided the ducks with the best accommodations. This included getting duck seed for food, a ramp to help them get out of the pool, and the chlorine levels of his pool tested to assure it was safe.

Word of the ducklings quickly spread through the neighborhood and online through the local Facebook group “Folsom Chat”, and on Saturday night 30-40 neighbors gathered in Wallace’s backyard for a chance to see them.

“All at once it’s like ‘Awww,” he said describing his neighbors’ reaction to seeing them. “Everybody just can’t get enough of these ducks.”

Despite their loving home, the ducks are growing fast and are on the move. When Wallace came home from work Tuesday he said they were nowhere to be found.

Later that night they were spotted hanging out in his across the street neighbor’s yard. But by Wednesday they had once again disappeared.

Where they’re headed next is unknown, so Folsom residents should keep an eye out -- and perhaps be prepared to make way for ducklings.