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ORANGEVALE, Calif. — All I want for Christmas is... A phone call from Mariah Carey wishing me a Merry Christmas.

That's exactly what happened for one Orangevale man and his mother after the superstar saw a video of the family using her video as part of their holiday decorations.

Last week, a twitter user was driving through Dovewood Court when he saw the Jason Evart's mother's home decked out with holiday decorations, Mariah Carey Christmas videos projected onto the garage door.

Mariah caught wind of the video, tweeting "Someone get me this family's phone number so I can call and say Merry Christmas!!!"

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Fast forward four days and the she got the family's phone number. According to her twitter, Mariah called them from wherever she was hanging in Aspen for the holidays.

Evart tweeted on Christmas Eve that Mariah called he and his mother, writing, "It was so nice for my Mom and I to get a call from you - you are FABULOUS!!!"

And some people say Christmas miracles don't happen.


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We’re not crying. You’re crying. OK, we are, too. But how could you not cry when stories like this one happens?