The Folsom Unified School district is taking a look at if any improvements need to be made after a student confessed to urinating in an autistic classmate's water bottle.

This would be any parent's nightmare.

"He said mom what did you put in my water bottle? I said water? He said you didn't put any iced tea in there? I said no then he said I think someone peed in my water bottle," said Hilda Lozano, victim's mother.

Lozano's 14-year-old son Michael has autism and on Tuesday she says someone poured out his water and replaced it with urine during a P.E. class at Folsom High School.

"I was scared and I couldn't believe it was happening," Lozano said.

She reported it to the school but says she didn't hear much until after she posted what happened on social media.

"The only reason I feel like they moved on it was because of what I posted on the parents of Folsom High School and Folsom Chat," Lozano said. "That's how it got the ball moving."

We reached out to the Folsom Unified School District.

A spokesperson told us it is investigating and figuring out the next steps since a student confessed.

"There will be appropriate consequences," said Daniel Thigpen, spokesman for the Folsom Unified School District. "Again the investigation has to be fully complete and I wouldn't be able to specify the exact nature of it. The school has a whole range of options including suspension or expulsion."

As for Michael, his mother said someone messed around with his lunch box the next day.

However Lozano says she also saw well after what happened.

People in the community reached out and students wore blue ribbons for her son to show their support against bullying.

"We were sad but also our hearts were full because you see these stories on TV but you never think it's going to happen to you and the kindness of this community is amazing," Lozano said.