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ORANGEVALE, Calif. — It's a tradition 35 years strong in Orangevale. The bright lights alone attract thousands of people to one small street during the Christmas season. 

Every single homeowner on Dovewood Court decks the halls for Christmas. It's called the Parade of Lights and this year, one of their displays got the attention of singer Mariah Carey.

The son of one of the homeowners decided to put up a projector on his mother's home. He would play Christmas movies until one night, he decided to play a few of Mariah Carey's Christmas music videos.

Some attending the spectacle o lights recorded video of the display and tweeted to Carey. Not too long after, Carey retweeted him and said, "Someone get me this family’s phone number so I can call and say merry Christmas!"

While this neighborhood is still waiting for Mariah Carey to call, all they want for Christmas is to see families together and kids smiling. 

"For me it’s just our gift to the community," said Jay Rowan, another homeowner. "When you see the little kids. It’s awesome," 

For many families, it may be the first time seeing what Dovewood Court has to offer, but after you see every display, it's hard to forget. 

"It's been going for 33 years now," Rowan added. "We do donations for food for families. It’s great for the community. It’s really fantastic."

It's free to go but parking is limited, so get there early. You can either walk or drive around the displays. There are bins to donate non-perishable food items for Food for Families. 

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