The impact is being felt locally after those creepy clown posts started going viral on social media.

Reports of people dressed as clowns haunting states across the country have people on edge and the reports keep coming.

Professional clowns said it has affected their business and livelihood.

"I've had people drive by my home and yell out their cars not nice things about clowns," said Kelly, a professional clown. "I've been cut off the road."

She's been a professional clown for 31 years.

"We're there just to make the day better and make things happen," Kelly said.

She said she gets nervous driving around in her costume, especially after social media posts about creepy clowns circulated.

Some schools are being impacted by the fear and perception.

Schools in Folsom and Rancho Cordova aren't aware of any credible threats, but they're monitoring social media activity and talking with each school about the appropriateness of Halloween costumes.