A freshman at Folsom High School is bringing students, staff and at least one ABC10 digital producer to tears with a video she produced in her spare time.

The short film entitled “Silent” depicts a deaf student who is bullied by her fellow students, and the revelation one student has seeing the impact of bullying.

Though the video’s creator, Lindsey Hunter, nor the actress playing the role are deaf, her performance, and the message the film delivers is having a meaningful impact on its audience, said Daniel Thigpen, public information officer with the Folsom Cordova Unified School District.

They had no idea the video, which was posted to the district’s Facebook page, would take off and be so widely watched, Thigpen said.

“It speaks to (Hunter’s) impact and storytelling,” Thigpen said. “One of the things we want to teach our kids is empathy and kindness.”

The video has already amassed more than 1,400 shares and more than 62,000 views since it was posted Monday.


Thigpen noted Hunter is taking media classes in school, but it was not produced for any assignment. Hunter will, however, be entering the film in a Northern California Media Educators film contest.