Since last week, concerned Folsom residents have raised more than $5,000 to benefit victims of the Carr Fire in Redding by selling lemonade and sweet treats.

The deadly Carr Fire has claimed eight lives and destroyed more than 1,500 homes. It's being considered one of the most destructive fires in state history.

Jamie Bordenave, a Redding native who now lives in Folsom, put a call out to local mothers for help.

“It’s just been devastating to watch and we have all just felt really helpless,” Bordenave said.

Her parents were evacuated from the Carr Fire and waited for days to find out if their home was destroyed. With the help of Jen Jarvis of Folsom, the mothers came up with the idea to put up lemonade stands around town for help.

Mothers from Folsom’s Lakeside Church and their children helped set up what they called "Lemon-AID" stands around the region over the last week.

The money being raised through the stands are being donated to the Redding School District.

The Lemon-AID stands will be up around Lakeside Church at events through the weekend, donations may also be sent to the disaster relief fund at Lakeside Church.