It did not take long for the dozens of ducks stranded at an Sacramento apartment complex to find a new home.

On Friday, ABC10 News reported that ducks were roaming the Selby Ranch Apartment Homes after two ponds on the property were drained. The ducks were stuck in the grass, surviving on small buckets of water provided by the neighbors.

Thanks to the Pacific Waterfowl Rescue, the ducks are displaced no more.

The apartment management reached out to the rescue group to help with their fowl dilemma. The group rescued 30 of the ducks early Saturday and plan to rescue the rest of them - the 17 remaining that scattered during the first rescue - on Sunday.

Judy McClaver, with the Pacific Waterfowl Rescue, coordinated the effort.

She said these ducks are domestic, meaning they can't fend for themselves in the wild, and buckets of water residents were leaving out for the ducks were only a temporary fix.

"It gives them water to drink but it doesn't cool them off. They don't have something to swim in to cool or to bathe, and that's where they also go - into a pond - for safety," McClaver explained, adding that "since they can't fly real well, they become bait for predators: dogs, raccoons, and coyotes. Even snakes can get them."

In other words, the birds were literally sitting ducks.

She said their new permanent home - a pond on private property in Sacramento County - has a fence around it and a shed to provide shelter.

"They're perfectly fine," she told ABC10 News.

These birds have a place to live out their lives fully, safe from predators and with plenty of water and food, she said.