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Shark attack in Monterey leads to Folsom couple becoming heroes

Paul and Amy Bandy, as well as bystanders and other beach-goers, helped rescue Steve Bruemmer from the shark attack and then helped with first aid.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A married couple from Folsom spoke out about saving a swimmer from a shark attack.

Paul Bandy, a Sacramento Police Department officer and his wife Amy, an oncology nurse, were paddleboarding mid-morning on Wednesday, June 22 at Lovers Point Beach in Monterey Bay when they heard a loud and distinct cry. 

The man, later identified as Steve Bruemmer, was swimming near Lovers Point when he was attacked by a shark. Bruemmer suffered "significant injuries from the shark bite," and was taken to a hospital, police said. City officials said he had injuries to his stomach and leg.

The Bandy's were reluctant to respond at first since there were safety training and surf classes happening in the area. However, once when they realized it was serious, the Bandy's kicked it into high gear.

"We didn't even question it. We didn't say a word to each other. We just went," Paul and Amy Bandy said. 

The video shows Paul and Amy as well as bystanders and other beach-goers helping rescue Bruemmer and then helping with first aid, applying tourniquets and pressure dressings to control the blood loss. 

"There were people bringing us t-shirts and towels to use as tourniquets, we had somebody give us shears and we cut his wetsuit to help identify where the wounds were. So with these great bystanders and their offering to help and support, I don't think he would have survived," Amy Bandy said. 

The Bandy's got a chance to meet a lot of Bruemmer's friends and family, who also expressed gratitude toward those who helped. 

Bruemmer's wife provided a statement saying that he is doing fairly well and might be discharged and taken to a rehab center sometime today to start his rehabilitation process.

"He's got a long road to recovery and we're wishing him all the best. I know his family is 100% behind him. No matter how big that shark was, the love that his family and friends share for him is going to be so much bigger and always will," Paul Bandy said.

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