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'Hoping for the best' | Grass Valley firefighter fighting for his life after off-duty motocross accident

Grass Valley firefighter Trenton Dambly is in a coma after suffering a motocross accident in southern California.

GRASS VALLEY, Calif. — A Grass Valley firefighter is in a coma and fighting for his life after suffering severe injuries in an off-duty motocross accident this month.

Trenton Dambly remains hospitalized with multiple trauma-based injuries, according to Grass Valley Fire Department, after crashing on a track where he was riding with family members May 18. 

His fellow firefighters started a GoFundMe page to help his family with paying uncovered medical expenses, his mortgage and other bills. It features a photo of Dambly on top of a tower during an April training exercise in Woodland. 

"Like his parents said, he was at the top of his world, and that picture to me kind of symbolizes that. It's a good picture," said Grass Valley Fire Department Battalion Chief Chris Armstrong.

Credit: Chris Armstrong
Trenton Dambly, a Grass Valley firefighter, is fighting for his life after a motocross accident.

Armstrong was by Dambly's side at the hospital with his parents in recent days. He said nobody knows exactly what happened to cause the unfortunate accident. 

"We know Trenton is a fighter, and he’s somebody who’s going to persevere, and we’re just right now hoping for the best," Armstrong said. 

Armstrong called Trenton a quiet leader who was humble, and let his work speak for himself. Firefighters from across the state have called the Grass Valley Fire Department eager to help.

With the extent of Trenton's injuries, he will face a long road to recovery. But Armstrong is hopeful that with the best medical care and the support of the community, Dambly will one day be able to get back on the fire engine.

"He had his dream job, and he was living at the top of his life. He was living his best life," Armstrong said. 

To help with the recovery, you can visit the GoFundMe page his fellow fighters  set up for him HERE.


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