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Grizzly Flats residents hold out hope for rebuilding a year after Caldor Fire

'It'll come back. You just have to have a little bit of faith in it' | Caldor Fire survivors hope to rebuild in Grizzly Flats.

GRIZZLY FLATS, Calif. — One year after the Caldor Fire broke out, many have left Grizzly Flats. Some remain in the homes that stand and many more are living out of trailers, hoping to one day rebuild.

"This is where I lived, right there is where the cabin was," said Kerry Reeve, a Caldor Fire survivor. "And that's the hardest thing is looking at it and remembering what it was like."

Reeve, a 71-year-old Vietnam veteran, said his plan to retire in this cabin is now gone. 

Piles of timber, charred vehicles and other remnants of the fire still remain but Reeve hopes to one day build a home in Grizzly Flats again.

"It'll come back, it'll come back. You just have to have a little bit of faith in it," said Reeve. 

While the recovery process continues, many of the few neighbors left are living the same.

Those who plan to stay and rebuild understand it's going to take a long time and some say Grizzly Flats will never be the same even if they do.

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