You have probably seen it online.

People jumping off buildings and walls. It’s called Parkour or free running. The internet has given it a bad name but, one gym in Rancho Cordova turn that around.

Twin brother Jeff and Jerry Garrido are Parkour trainers at The Haven Gym and they are teaching the safety behind Parkour.

"We start at the ground and they work their way up and do what’s comfortable for them," Jerry said.

The Haven Gym is fully enclosed with padding. Students can climb jump and swing off 10 foot obstacles.

The first week in June is the last week of school for many students in the valley. At the Haven Gym, this first week of "hard core parkour" summer training.

Jeremiah Holman has been training for more than a year. The high schooler learned to do a back flip after just 2 months of practice.

“I like Parkour because I was a little chubby and not fast but this got me in shape and taught me control,” Holman said. Skill levels range at the gym and so do ages. Some students are as young as 8 years old, others are in their 20's.

Parkour gets a bad rap on the internet because some athletes perform dangerous maneuvers on private property. The haven it’s a controlled environment that’s mom friendly.

"I have to admit he has been here 15 months and he is so much stronger than when he started. He has so much stamina and its said here," said Mother Evelin Street. The Haven Gym is open most days but they teach students to turn any atmosphere into a safe Parkour area.