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Heavy winds, rain and hail tear through Woodland

The stormy weather brought down trees and power lines, knocking power to some in the area.

WOODLAND, Calif. — In Woodland, hundreds of people remain in the dark after heavy rain, hail and wind gusts ripped through the town.

Crews worked along East Street trying to restore power after trees were downed along with at least half a dozen power poles.

A gas station canopy twisted in the wind and power poles snapped in half. It brought life to a halt along one of Woodland's busiest streets.

"We’ve had some crazy winds here lately, but nothing like this one," said Lester Green.

He says he hasn't seen these types of impacts in his 60 years in town. 

"It was just like a roaring train with the wind; it was blowing so hard. It was hitting my trailer it was so loud," he said. 

It was so loud he never heard the crack of power poles going down less than block away, knocking out power to his home and hundreds of his neighbors.

"I thought we were just having another little winter storm coming through, but nothing like this, I’ve ever seen. This was pretty powerful," said Green.

It's the kind of winter that some Californians said they've never seen before. 

The Yolo County Sheriff's Office said no injuries were reported despite all the damage in Woodland.


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