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Help us report on the cost of electricity; share your electric bill with us

We're diving into the cost of electricity and comparing bills from different California power providers. We need your help — share your recent electric bill with us.

CALIFORNIA, USA — As California debates the future of its largest power company, ABC10 wants your help reporting on the different prices that people pay for electricity.

Gov. Gavin Newsom says he’s prepared for a possible state takeover of PG&E, and several local efforts are underway to try to take portions of the power grid out of PG&E’s monopoly.

We already know that PG&E customers pay among the highest rates in the nation and that some Californians pay drastically less for electricity.

That’s where your bills come in. We want to look at recent power bills from all California power providers to see what people are actually paying and how.


If you are a California resident with a recent electric bill, we want to hear from you.

Using the form below, simply upload a PDF file of your electric bill. We’ll keep your address and identifying information confidential. If you prefer not to use the form, simply email your bill to reporter Brandon Rittiman, brittiman@abc10.com.

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