So, what's life like nearly a decade after you've finished leading the free world?

We'd say pretty normal.

Not only is former President George W. Bush attending Texas Rangers games, he's also photobombing sports reporters during their live shots!

While Fox Sports Southwest Reporter Emily Jones was delivering a segment, Bush was walking behind her.

In the video, you can see him lean in - almost over Jones' shoulder - and nonchalantly say "hey" before moving on.

If you blinked, you almost would have missed it.

Good thing the internet is forever, and now we have GIFs and YouTube videos galore from this viral moment.

The reporter is even a fan.

Jones called it her "favorite photobomb ever" and we agree.

It's not every day that a former president of your home country photobombs you.

"I've been photobombed before, but he was the President, so he's kind of a big deal," Jones told Time magazine.

Based off of Jones' Instagram account, she's taken quite a few planned pictures with Bush, making it, even more, telling why he felt comfortable being a little lax.

Rangers win, Red Raiders win, and I smooched a President. #trifecta #W

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