The Folsom Police Department is investigating a hidden camera found at the Folsom Sun Club tanning salon.

The covert camera was reported by the spa on April 4, said Sgt. Andrew Bates with Folsom Police. The department isn’t offering much details because the investigation is ongoing.

Bates said these types of cameras have become more commercially accessible in the last several years and has made this type of voyeurism easier.

Craig Ashton is the lawyer representing the customer, Gina Piazza, who found the hidden camera pointed at her tanning bed.

He says the camera was a cube cellphone charger with pin size camera inside.

Ashton says his client wants to warn others about these type of covert cameras disguised as ordinary everyday items.

An search shows dozens of tiny cameras inside look alike binders, smoke detectors, alarm clocks, and more – many for under $50.

Sacramento based cybersecurity expert Caleb Kwong of Savant Solutions, says people should look for items that may be out of place and remember that cameras no longer need to be placed for your privacy to be at risk.

Hackers can break into everyday cameras on phones, tablets, and home security feeds, Kwong said. To protect yourself, change our default password and buy devices from companies that update firmware and security measures often.

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