You may have seen them around town: Painted rocks are being placed in the park, along sidewalks, even at the zoo.

They are called Kindness Rocks. Jamie Leewol-Cott is founder of Sacto Cali Rocks. The group is one of many rock-painting groups around the world.

"Basically, we paint a rock. It can have an inspirational message. It can have something cute on it and then we hide it and hope someone finds it and it brings them a smile," said Leewol-Cott.

The Kindness Rock movement has created a lot of smiles. Sacto Cali Rocks' Facebook page is filled with people who have found the rocks. The page has more than 7,000 followers who post pictures of their latest works of art. Once the paint dries the rocks are dispersed all over Sacramento. On the back of the rocks are instructions. You can keep the rock, hide it again or take a picture of it and share it with friends.

painted rocks3_1533945962087.jpg.jpg

Some Sacto Cali Rocks have been found as far away as the Philippines. Think of the Kindness Rocks like a never-ending Easter egg hunt, except with rocks. They could be anywhere, but the real surprise is how the rocks make people feel.

"I had one I hid at a hospital and a mother found it. Her father just died and her son was the one who found it and the boy slept with it. It created so much joy," said Leewol-Cott.

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