Is the fidget-spinner craze spinning out of control?

That’s the question one mother is asking after her daughter’s Bluetooth-enabled fidget spinner overheated to a dangerous temperature while charging and began hissing.

“It was so hot I couldn’t hold it at all,” Allison Perrins said.

Luckily, Perrins’ 12-year-old daughter Lilly wasn’t seriously hurt. Her mother says she’s relieved she was home at the time of the incident.

“What if my house had burned down? That’s pretty major,” Perrins said.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission says it is investigating three incidents where high-tech fidget spinners overheated or caught fire. Mothers in Alabama and Michigan have reported similar incidents with chargeable fidget spinners.

Patty Davis, a spokesperson for the Consumer Product Safety Commission, said the agency is also investigating reports of fidget spinners posing choking hazards for young children. Consumers who have experienced similar issues with fidget spinners can report them to the CPSC here.

As for chargeable fidget spinners, Davis says the commission warns consumers to stay with products while they are charging; to never charge a product with batteries overnight while asleep; and to use the charge from the manufacturer designed for the product in question.

For its part, Denio’s Market in Roseville, which sold Perkins the fidget spinner, has posted signs alerting vendors that they will not be allowed to sell fidget spinners with lithium-ion batteries at the flea market. This ban went into effect over the past weekend.

“It’s just not a safe product. This is a family-owned business, and we have every right with these individual businesses that rent space from us to tell them what they can sell and what they can’t sell,” Eric Denio said.

Denio said that he hopes large retailers like Walmart will follow suit. ABC10 News has reached out to Walmart and Amazon to see if they have plans to remove similar products or issue alerts.

Lilly, who has special needs, says the scary experience with the fidget spinner has stayed with her.

“I don’t want to see it again or nothing – it makes me want to throw up,” she said.