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At UC Davis Children's Hospital, many families have benefited from the Children's Surgery Center. Since being certified as the west coast's first Level 1 surgical center in 2016, it's been at the region's best bet for children undergoing a medical crisis. Now, it's about to get better.

Something New

Thanks in part to donations to the Children's Miracle Network, newer, upgraded equipment and facilities will be open for business in the fall. That will allow doctors and nurses to provide an even greater level of care. ABC10's Mark S. Allen got a look behind the scenes courtesy of Mathew Hipwell, a nurse manager of the Children's Surgery Center, who will be keeping the wheels turning when the work is completed.

What to expect? Bigger, better, and more.

"Six new operating rooms, and one new procedure room, it's going to be amazing. I can't wait," said Mathew.

A Superstar in the Making

One of the many children who had their life changed by the Children's Surgery Center in the past is Logan Baike-Rick. A bundle of energy who's quick to smile, he was born after just 25 weeks and spent the first seven months of his life at UC Davis Children's Hospital.

Logan's mom, Melissa, says they didn't just take care of her son; they made sure the whole family was involved.

"We didn’t feel pushed back or poo-poohed for asking questions... big questions or repetitive questions. We felt like we were a part of the team, not just the peripherals."

After five major surgeries, Logan has been in a few plays and is looking forward to becoming a star of stage and screen. His dream role? Being in Peter Rabbit. Considering what he's overcome already, it won't take long before we're all seeing his name in lights.