The scorching temperatures didn’t stop fairgoers from enjoying the opening weekend at the California State Fair.

Families beat the heat by taking breaks in the shade, drinking a lot of water, and standing beneath the cool zones.

For most people, the hot weather wasn’t a problem.

“I think it’s cooler than last year. Last year, we definitely got a hot day, but we have it all planned out,” said Kristin Swigert. “We do [the rides] in the morning, and then we move to the inside exhibits and the water park in the afternoon.”

Others said the key to having a good time and being safe was staying hydrated.

“The unlimited iced tea lemonade refills are really crucial to making this work, as well as hats and sunscreen,” added Marissa Krull.

Organizers say there are 20 cooling spots scattered throughout the fair for people to enjoy.