Going to the river during Labor Day weekend is a popular activity for many families in the Sacramento region, but officials want to remind the community to keep safety top of mind.

“The river is very active and fast currents are under water, and if you're not wearing a life jacket, there's a good chance you may not come back from being at the river,” said Captain Dave Lauchner with the Sacramento Fire Department.

Delia Romero drove up from the Bay Area to visit Discovery Park with her family. Romero explained what she and her family did to stay safe during the holiday weekend.

“Sunscreen, put some life vests on before you get in that water and try to stay out cool – lots of water and liquids,” Romero said.

Captain Lauchner wants to remind families that it’s not just kids who need to take precaution at the river.

“Even for strong swimmers – it's important that they understand that the water is cold, your muscles could cramp up. A lot of different things could happen that could cause you to start struggling in the water before somebody could get to you and you could drown.”

Lauchner says there are extra patrols out on the river to help keep families safe.

“We definitely don’t discourage people from going out to the water,” Lauchner adds. “It's a great event and it’s a good time with your family, but we definitely want you to take that precaution so that you go back with your families.”