Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday is another big shopping day – Small Business Saturday. It's a national holiday that encourages Americans to support mom-and-pop shops.

In Old Sacramento, hundreds of shoppers went out to eat, drink, and shop local.

"We're business owners ourselves, and when you shop at a local business, you're supporting a family, not just a huge corporation of people,” said Monica McKenna, who was out with her family in Old Sac.

Sacramento Regional Transit provided free transportation for those traveling through Midtown, Downtown, R Street, and Old Sac until 9:30 pm.

Adam Schmidt, who was out doing some holiday shopping for his girlfriend at the Midtown Farmer’s Market, says he prefers buying from the small business owners in his community.

"The small business jobs and small businesses support the economy hugely, so when you come out and support local – it's a great thing," he said.

Meanwhile, Julia Vanderschaaf decided to do some shopping for herself at TRUE (Totally Recycled Urban Exchange) – a clothing boutique that’s part of WEAVE – a local nonprofit that helps victims of domestic violence.

The Midtown Association says there are over 200 locally owned businesses in the Midtown area.

“I think (the) more money that's spent at local businesses, the more money that stays locally," adds Vanderschaaf.

According to a Civic Economics study, for every $100 you spend at a local business, $68 stays in the local economy, as opposed to $43 when you buy from a large company.

“It's really cool to see so many people in our community, and also people outside of our community, just come in and support," says Nikki Hedley, supervisor at TRUE.

"I think small businesses are what makes our country great,' adds Eric Hubbs, who’s in town from Michigan.

Hubbs now works for Google, but hasn’t forgotten that it was a small business owner who offered him his first job at the age of 15.

"I appreciate the hard work that small business owners put in. They're usually there way before the store opens and way after. They're putting their money on the line, so I think it's important we all support them," says Hubbs.