Christine Johansson's late husband died in 2012. The 6'2, 240 pound man she knew for over two decades suffered from stomach esophageal cancer.

Johansson said she has dozens of pictures from their 20 years together. However, what she cherishes most are the text messages he sent in the three years before he died.

"I had three years worth of text messages on my phone, and I would scroll back and read them," Johansson said. "If I could just have one more text."

She took her grief and turned it into an idea.

In his memory, the Fairfield resident created an app that allows users to send messages into the future.

"Wouldn't it be nice if he could send me texts and put them into the future, and I just decided I'm gonna do an app," Johansson said. "I immediately knew I was gonna name it ATOY. ATOY stands for 'Always Thinking Of You' which is what Mike always said to me."

The free app schedules messages like texts and emails for the future. Johansson also uses it to send notes to her family in advance.

"We have six kids, 17 grandkids and you actually go in and schedule love notes," Johansson said. "You don't need to have the app to receive messages only the person sending the messages and you schedule an email or a text."

Johansson has gotten a lot of inspiration from her late husband and another man she didn't expect to meet while designing it.

Last year she married Leif, who also lost his late wife to cancer.

"I was praying for a miracle when I was losing Mike, and now I say Leif is my miracle," Johansson said. "I did get a miracle. I just had to wait and it's not the story I would've written but I'm very grateful for the story I do have."