Several dozens of people of different faiths were at Congregation Bet Haverim Monday night in Davis to support unity.

"I'm here tonight because basically this is what we need," Reem Olavy said. "Not only in the U.S. but worldwide. We need events that encourages unity. I'm Muslim so this is the faith I'm representing. It's my role to go out there and talk to other people and let them know who the real Muslims are."

Before the service started, people decorated rocks with messages of hope, support and love which will be passed around Davis in the next few weeks.

Melissa Dable brought her two kids to the Davis Interfaith Thanksgiving service.

"I wanted to bring my kids out here tonight, because I wanted them to get a sense of unity and get a better sense of how we can all come together," Dable said.

Rabbi Seth Castleman said the bigger picture they are hoping to spread is of solidarity.

"The bigger picture here is that there's really a lot of fear in our country right now," Castleman said. "There's a lot of people in danger in our country right now. Solidarity is our one hope of standing with each other."

"The unique thing is that we're created different," Olavy said. "The unique thing about this world is diversity not only in human beings but in everything."