A running and walking tour of local spots featured in the movie 'Lady Bird' will start on Feb. 11.

The stops feature East Sacramento filming locations, including the Fab 40s neighborhood, the "blue house," Club Raven, and McKinley Park Rose Garden.

"It's probably the easiest run you'll do in your life," said Jenn Kistler-Mccoy, who started Sac Running Tours. "That's what I always tell people: We go at a collective pace and we make frequent stops."

Kistler-Mccoy explained at each stop how the spot was shown in the film and gives a history lesson based on research.

"Club Raven was really cool too because it was established in 1946, and it's been a bar the entire time," Kistler-Mccoy said. "A lot of the other bars in East Sacramento were at one time something else but Club Raven has always been a bar."

The running tour is approximately 4.5 miles with eight filming locations. The walking tour is approximately 3.2 miles with seven stops.

"To show Sacramento beautifully is to show it as it is and I just couldn't agree more," Kistler-Mccoy said. "The trees and the streets -- so enchanting."

Kistler-Mccoy also organizes other tours around Sacramento to showcase the city she moved to in 2008.

"It's cool in its own right, and I think it's a destination city alone," Kistler-Mccoy said. "You can come here and see some cool stuff and experience a city."

To register for a tour, click here.