Land Park residents are raising awareness of homelessness and issues such as trash, needles, and feces through a Facebook group.

The issue was discussed during a Land Park Community Association meeting Wednesday night. The group, Land Park Society, was created two weeks ago after a 16-year resident saw issues of crime, homeless camps, human feces and garbage.

The group's focus is to inform residents and report what they see to the city and not assume other people would do it.

"I've been living in Land Park for five years and in the last two years, there's definitely been an increase in the homeless population," Stephanie Duncan, a resident, said. "I've been seeing people camping out. I've stepped on human feces on the sidewalk. I even found a needle in my own yard. It's a situation where not only are we dealing with an increase in the homeless, but we're dealing with a health issue."

Duncan is active in the Facebook group like other residents and posts pictures of what she sees to raise awareness.

"I want city's leaders and fellow residents to know what's happening, to know that the residents can reach out to the city to ask for help," Duncan said. "I've traveled all throughout the Central Valley and the homeless situation has exploded everywhere. It's sad. I don't want people to be living on the streets. I would love to see people get the mental health care they need, get the rehabilitation help they need if they're on drugs or alcohol abuse."

There is a Joint Association Homeless Forum in Curtis Park on Oct. 23.