The hundreds of students who ran for their lives during the shooting at a south Florida high school Wednesday now join a growing group of people across the country who can say they've experienced a mass shooting.

Erin Lenahan, a Las Vegas shooting survivor from Roseville, says she sympathizes with those students.

"Not a lot of people know what's its like to run from bullets and you kind of all sympathize towards each other," said the 32-year-old survivor. "You're always going to be alert, look for exits, just in case something arises that you're not aware of."

Lenahan said her heart dropped while reading the news about the recent school shooting and that it brought her right back to the night she too ran for her life.

"You don't know what your body goes through when something like that happens, and you're just trying to process it all," she said. "It's quite amazing the trauma it has on your body."

Although she's thousands of miles away, Lenahan -- who wears the boots she wore the night of the Vegas shooting everyday -- said she'll forever feel connected to those students. She knows from experience their lives will never be the same.

"What I can say to the survivors is eventually you'll get there in the mindset of not, 'woe is me,'" she said, "But let's live life. Let's do something, because we just got another life. We just got spared our life."