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Shoppers flock to Sacramento grocery stores for last-minute Thanksgiving shopping

Many stores are now closing their doors on Thanksgiving.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — It’s the final rush to get everything for Thanksgiving, especially as more stores are closing for the holiday.

It was a bustling Thanksgiving eve for shoppers. For Phaedra Walter, with work and her schedule, this was the first chance she had to shop.

“Other retail stores, it’s been really hard; the shelves are empty,” said Walter. “I came here specifically for the collard greens, and so I know they always have them and also sweet potatoes. This is the only place I was able to find them.”

Acacia Leonardich was grabbing ingredients for her Thanksgiving Day pizza. She waited until the day before so the toppings would be the freshest. But like many shoppers, there was some sticker shock.

“It’s going up way too much. It’s just hard because if you only work lower class, everything is just so expensive. You are being forced to buy things that shouldn’t be so expensive, like persimmons - they should be $3.99 not $7.99,” said Leonardich.

But for shoppers at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-Op, they need to get all their items because the store will be closed on Thanksgiving.

Stacie Larkin with Co-Op says they’ll be closed for Thanksgiving for the first time ever to give their employees a day of rest after their hard work in the leadup for Thanksgiving. They are falling in line with a national trend of more closures on Thanksgiving.

“America is maybe understanding, we don’t have to be open every day for everything, and retail workers and employees of businesses just deserve to have that time with their families,” said Larkin.  

Shoppers echo the sentiment that everyone should be with their family.

“I don’t really care for store to be open on Thanksgiving, even if you have a last-minute need just call around to friends and family,” said Walter.

Other big retailers closed on Thanksgiving include Walmart and Target.


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