A leader in Sacramento’s fight against homelessness is stepping down from her role.

Loaves and Fishes executive director Sister Libby Fernandez announced she’ll be leaving the non-profit organization in June. Fernandez first started working with Loaves and Fishes in 1985.

While Fernandez will be leaving Loaves and Fishes, her commitment to working with the homeless population remains unchanged. She’ll be starting a new ministry in which she’ll be using an “adult tricycle” to reach homeless people on the streets, sidewalks and alleys of Sacramento.

“I see there’s a lot to do still, so with my energy and my age, I’m still very young, and I have the passion,” Fernandez said. “So I want to continue with a new energy and a new direction but focused on the same problem: homelessness.”

Fernandez says Loaves and Fishes runs on an approximately $6 million annual budget, feeding and providing services to more than 600 people each day. Her new ministry will be entirely volunteer-operated.

“You don’t have to be a government official or paid by an organization, you can say, I have passion and want to reach out – maybe you can do L Street from 21st to 23rd block [for] an hour a week!” Fernandez explained.

With more than five months left at Loaves and Fishes, Fernandez says she’ll be involved in the search for her replacement. She also has lofty goals she’d like to see accomplished, including a plan to build permanent supportive housing on a parcel on the organization’s five-acre campus.

“We really have a place for people so they can go get rest, get clean, and feel good about themselves so they can really connect with services that help them on to the next steps,” Fernandez said.