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Mark S. Allen's son, Jackson, suffers severe burn injuries at weekend gathering in Lincoln

Investigators say gasoline was added to a fire burning in a fire pit which then spread to Jackson and three other people.

LINCOLN, California — Jackson, the son of ABC10’s Mark S. Allen, suffered burn injuries along with three other people at a gathering in Lincoln over the weekend.

Fire crews with the Lincoln Fire Department were called to a report of people injured in a fire just before 2 a.m. Sunday. When first responders arrived they said they found four people had been injured – two of whom they said suffered “significant” injuries.

Mark confirmed on social media that his son Jackson was one of the two who suffered severe injuries. 

“I just got that call you never want to get," said Mark. "You want to get that call at one in the morning and say I ran out of fuel. It’s quite the opposite to get that call that your son has been burned and you need to get here quick.”

In a Facebook post on Monday morning, Mark said Jackson suffered third-degree burns on 25% of his body – with the majority of the burns on his chest, legs, and right arm. He was taken to the burn center at UC Davis where he will continue his recovery.

“Jackson is sedated much of the time, but in good spirits when he wakes. He’s going to get better, but will be fighting the fight for a few weeks here in the burn center before going home,” Mark wrote in a post just hours after the incident.

Credit: Mark S. Allen

Fire investigators said their preliminary findings indicate that gasoline was added to an existing fire burning in a fire pit. The addition of the gas resulted in a chain reaction, spreading to Mark’s son and the other injured individuals. Investigators said they believe the incident was an accident and that there is no indication that alcohol was involved.

Mark first posted about the incident Sunday evening. He asked his followers to leave a nice message for Jack, in hopes to let his son know that "he's got this!"

By Monday night, that post has thousands of comments.

“I mean you think about the tough times that we have grown through and sometimes you can become cynical and jaded, but when you start to see all the love that is still out there, there are so many good people out there and sometimes it takes something really awful to happen to bring it out. I would just like to say thank you,” said Mark S. Allen with tears in his eyes.

“I Just want to say I love you all, and I appreciate all the kind words everyone has given me to me even people I have never spoke to in my life. Thank you so much," said Jackson from his hospital bed. “I’m just hoping all my friends can have a quick recover as well. Physically and mentally.”

None of the other people who were injured have been identified. Two of the four injured individuals were treated and released at the scene, fire officials said.

ABC10’s Chris Thomas is speaking with Mark about Jackson’s recovery tonight on Late News Tonight at 11 p.m.

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