How far would you be willing to go to create art that you love? Well ABC10's Ariane Datil drove to the Sacramento Fine Arts Center to meet up with Brandi Pfleider.

Brandi is a gunpowder and smoke bomb artist, which basically means that she sets things on fire and turns them into art.

From still life images and iconic locations to portraits of famous people and even pets, Brandi makes her subjects come to life with smokes and flames.

“It is dangerous", said Pfleider. "I grew up in Texas and around reloaders I learned fire safety and gun safety. So I’m really careful about what I’m doing.”

She explained that while most people would shy away from using explosives because of their volatility she finds a peace in experimenting with how they work together.

“It’s art therapy and it just feels good. Instead of doing something destructive, I’m doing something constructive,” said Pfleider.

So, how does she stay safe while working with explosives?

“There are different types of gunpowder you can use and each one has a different heat or a different element to it that the others don’t so I combine them in my own artsy way, but I just make sure I don’t use too much... I still have all my fingers," she said.

Her art will be on display and for purchase at the Sacramento Fine Arts center through Friday, but if you want your own piece of art so you can be super cool like me – she also creates commissioned pieces so just slide in her DMs or shoot her an email.

Once you have your special piece don’t forget to tag me @arianedatil on Instagram so I can check it out.